‚ÄčThe "20" Rifle & Pistol Club

and Straight River Archery Club


Conceal & Carry (Permit to Carry)

About the course:

The Minnesota Permit to Carry course covers all of the basic safety and proper shooting fundamentals that a student needs to know to safely carry a firearm. 

Class length is generally 3-4 hours long depending on the class size.  Everything from classroom instruction to live fire is done in one session. 

This class meets all of the requirements of the Minnesota Personal Protection Act.


Please contact the following instructors for class dates and information:

Mark Lamphere - Lamphere Training 507-259-7919, click here for dates

Chris Cutts - TruePoint Firearms Training LLC 507-676-0537, click here for additional information

Mikel Akers at 651-249-8562