The "20" Rifle & Pistol Club

and Straight River Archery Club


To register for the events, contact:

                  Linda Dusek  at (507)-330-1664 or


Our events are designed for both the avid hunters and beginning archers to participate and practice their skill to be successful in the field or in a league.
Refreshments are available to purchase at both indoor and outdoor events.

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See our Calendar of Events for dates and times of upcoming events.

Archery Events

In the summer months, we offer a wooded 3d course consisting of 30 realistic and high-quality targets ranging in size from raccoons to moose.  Simulate realistic hunting situations by shooting at targets set up in natural environments.  Our course also includes several shots from elevated shooting platforms. Each target provides 3 distance markers to accommodate the various shooting styles and skills of the archer.  For an extra challenge, give our running deer novelty shoot a try!  The outdoor event also offers a 600 Round for archers that like the additional or different challenge. 


In the winter months, enjoy a temperature controlled Indoor 3d event. This event also features 30 targets set up in challenging but realistic hunting situations. Test your skills on both stationary and moving targets, including 6 popups, 2 rotating targets and 1 running deer along with several novelty shots that will challenge even the most experienced shooter.